Every day decisions that directly affect your life are taking place without your consultation, or worse without your knowledge. These decisions will have big impacts on your life and your future as well as your children’s. Young people, ethnic minorities and other vulnerable groups are disenfranchised today and it is easy to feel powerless and helpless. In reality, there are avenues available to us all to fight the policies that are forced on us with no regard for their consequences to us.

We believe in the power of knowledge, activism and the law to empower us. We seek to provide a platform for people of all nationalities and faiths to discuss the matters important to us, a platform to learn and defend our rights, and a platform to inspire activism and change.

We will meet once a month to discuss pressing issues and how we can be actively involved in the change process. You are unrepresented. And only you can represent yourself. Join the movement. Find your voice. Be heard.